Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday

Every Friday is a black friday for me. THANK GOD. I decided that on Americas Black Friday I will start a new tradition. Its going to be everything Black on Black Friday. I'm wearing nothing but Black. I will act as no nonsense like Maya Angelou. I will be as tough and smooth like Maurice Chesnut. I will be as foxy as Nia Long. I will tell it like it is like Oprah. Fuck i will Skype like Oprah too. I will patronize Black grocery stores...Stay away from the produce! Ask Chris Rock he knows. I will go to Black Establishments. Eat the best food imaginable. I will listen to R&B radio. It will be full throttle.Please join me in my efforts to take Black Friday Back.


P.S. i went to google to see what images came up, when i entered the word black. It was a Black gulls big big huge black ass. Aargh! Which reminds me I will also use Blackle on Black Friday... yes, i know it is still Google search engine. Jeez why don't you bite my Black ASS!

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