Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DHARMA Crawdaddy of the molester variety

Where to start? This is all kinds of fuckery and perverted dharma dick madness. So, Doug Hutchinson (Horace from Lost) is now married to a 16 year old girl by the name of Courtney Stodden. DOUBLE TAKE…TRIPLE TAKE!!!!

Yes, this fool was able to marry this girl. He also is producing her record. WOW. I guess that’s how they fell in ‘love’. Really? Have you seen this girl? She looks like a 24 year old playboy bunny/ hooker. I wonder if I’m under some legal obligations not to talk about a minor. Nope because she’s not a child. She’s a bitch. Yeah, I said it. Come and get me. Actually, please don’t unless you’re comin with a Long Island Iced Tea, an US Weekly, Now and Laters, and that boat that Courtney is chillin on in her video ‘Don’t Put It On Me’.

Okay, that’s just funny. ‘Don’t Put It On Me’???!!! Really? I mean isn’t it on her? Where are her crazy ass parents? These people thought it was okay for their daughter to marry this dharma dick molester. Well, it’s not okay. It’s not. If they are in love and you just ‘love doug’, well then let them just F around. That’s all they are doing anyway. Why do they have to get married? Can’t they wait? Oh, I guess not the love is too strong.

I’m shaking my head right now and barfing up my chicken salad sand bc this shit is so foul. I mean what is she getting out of him? Ohhhh, she’s getting a daddy, a crawdaddy and someone to make her whack ass tracks!

He is getting young vag. Ugh!!! I’m just so sick about this shit.

She can't be 16?
Yeah, I watch Law & Order SVU but it hasn’t prepared me for this. Yeah, I know about Chaplin, Chuck Berry, Woody Allen, Morgan Freeman, R. Kelly…oh I guess I am prepared for this.

This girl can't be serious. Wtf is she drinking? SHE'S UNDERAGE!!!!!! COPS!!!!!!!

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  1. thank you so immensely for exposing me to this ridiculousness. i am forever grateful.


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