Monday, October 10, 2011

Crawdaddy Alert: Lindsay Lohan Get Money Hey hey hey ah ah

Lindsay and Vikram
Word on the streets is that Lindsay Lohan is on the streets. This is no streets of hard knocks. It's the street of getting rocks. Girl must have her diamonds. Am I right? Shmanyway, Miss L is coming off of some hard times. Oh, I could elaborate on the word HARD but I will refrain. I will try and keep the gutter a tad bit clean.. So, Linds has been spending time with hotelier Vikram. Some say this is no ordinary love like Sade. The others say it's some money for honey.

Vikram keeps our Lindsay living the life that she is now accustomed while she customizes her body for him. Oooooooohhhhhhhhweeeee. Got the ladies in church hats saying 'oh no today heavenly father'. Could this be true? Lindsay has denied to friends that she was an escort. However, her People's Court case is getting sticky. Yes, stciky and you nasty for going there. Gutter is a bit clean. Now why is her case sticky? It seems that Linds had some unwanted evidence that is making its way around the way she was making her way around the world selling her cookies. Who knew that Lindsay Lohan was an around the way girl? I bet LL Cool J.

Here's a bit of the evidence. Lindsay got a modeling job from Phillipp Plein. This 'job' was also given to Mischa Barton back in the day. OOOooooooooohhhhhhhweeeeee, now Lindsay is second to Mischa freaking Barton. WOW! Well, during the week of  modeling, jet setting, and heavy petting  Lindsay was spotted with several different men including her ever faithful pimp Vikram. There are some photos that look a little like things that make you go hmmm or ooh. Also, she is still living it up like she is making movies ie her new fab car.

Honestly, I'm not sure if she is selling her cookies like a Girl Scout but if she is I hope she sells them before they are stale.

Click HERE for some very interesting photos. I mean WOW.

Phillipp Plein & Lindsay Lohan

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