Saturday, June 18, 2011

SmugPugFace wish you were still Jeff Spicoli Crawdaddy

I hate your daddy! Gawd, Scarlett. You make me wanna go listen to Radio Dept, drink white wine, and eagerly await the day that I dance on your grave.

Wow, so much hate to day. You can’t start off a day with dreams of K2 and time with early morning Coltrane.

Let’s talk straight about this terrible disgusting mess of shit that is Spicoli/ScarHoBlow situation or not. I don’t give a shit! I don’t care and I hate myself at this moment for talking about it. I guess that’s why I held out for so long but I have to talk about Peen Penn.

He did good things for us once upon a time. He married Madge. They did it at The Maxwell House in my country BO Hunkless town on their honeymoon night. He was Spicoli. He married The Princess Bride. Haiti relief. He tried to be better than Benecio Del Toro who is soooooo much better than Peen Penn but A for playing.

So, late Peen Penn. Don’t go up against Del Toro. Toro Was and will always be  TEC (The Crawdaddy Elite).  I mean he already did Scar in the ellie at Chateau Marmont.

Jeez, Spicoli you can do better. You know it! I know it. They know it.

So, be done and we will not talk about this further.

Butt if you don’t…

Hehe butt.

Scarlett I liked Ghost World, Lost in Translation, and you in that JT video but what have you done for me lately. Get off the crinkle or dip it in ketchup.

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