Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Larry likes young fannies

Larry King, 78,  has a very distinguished reputation. Known in the biz as one of the best interviewers around. Larry interviewed tranny Tyra Banks. BOOOOOOORING! Larry has interviewed over 40,000 people since his career started in 1950. Larry likes to get to the root of an interview.

Back in the day, he would 'smoke em if he had em' a until that prick had to get a bypass surgery in the 80's. just so you know, having a bypass surgery and surviving it are the Academy Awards for a Crawdaddy. I mean a near death experience is  a modern day miracle. Larry knows about modern day miracles. The man has been around since the 30's. I'm so sure he has some severe scrotum drop.

Larry's wife Shawn Southwick-King is 48. She is Larry's seventh wife. WHAAAAT? this motherfucker has been married seven times. She is some singer, model, and other claims to fame that none of us mofo's know about. Supposedly, she was going to sing at Michael Jackson's tribute with Jermaine Jackson. Thank gawd that shit didn't go down.

Larry and Shawn have two kiddies and seem to be making it work. Maybe it's because allegedly this hooker is popping pills and drinking Peach Schnapps all day. we here at Crawdaddies support love in all its forms. Congrats to Larry.  XOXO

Last but not least Oprah. Tyra Banks only wishes.

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  1. I wish I was popping pills and drinking peach schnapps


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