Friday, July 24, 2009

Melley Mel think your peen is gonna swell

Anti Semite, drunk, actor, director, douche bag and crawdaddy extraordinaire Mel Gibson wants to take the crustacean world by storm. As we begin our tale of how a crawdaddy gets his lady lovely we want to review several things. Remember that Mel Gibson is a SUB PAR STAR. Seriously people, he sucks. Okay okay so Braveheart. Big deal its more like Fake Heart. Okay okay Passion of the Christ. Bah hum bug its more like Passion for young p**sy. Oh sure, Leathal Weapon his peen is a leathal weapon. Setting bombs on beef curtains everywhere.

Maybe that's what happened. Mel got scared of his ex-wife's pussy drop. Yes, pussy drop. It happens. We are afraid. Infact, we fully support The Stop For No Pussy Drop Surgery! Ladies start putting money in your piggy banks. Once you become a cougar, you will need to invest in keepin it tight, aiiight!

Alright, back to Swell Mel. Two weeks after FILING for divorce, Mel went out to a premiere for XMen: Whore-igins with his new girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva. Supposedly this bitch is a singer or something. Anyway, Oksana is 39 and Swell Mel is 53. Anyway, bitch is preggers. So, soon her pussy will drop and Mel will be off looking for new curtains. LOOK OUT!!!!