Saturday, October 29, 2011

Imagine Me at 80

Ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok just please please check this out.
Pretty pretty please with sugar on top!

Nixon is rolling over in his grave and not with a young 'hot' blonde

Grandson of Richard Nixon, Christopher Cocks  Cox loves it young. Back in early summer, Christopher married heiress Andrea Catsimatidis. He met this young snatch at her high school in Gossip Girls' Upper East Side. He was introduced to this piece and was ready to get the canoodling started. There was no time to keep this love affair G like Taylor and Jake. Cox was ready to get off like Ron Jeremy in Snatch Masters 9.

Christopher put it down on Andrea by taking her to bakeries and political events.  How could one deny the sure romantic appeal of cupcakes and legislation? You can't and that's why the two are now married.  After almost 5 months of marriage, we wish the two a happy crawdad boil.

Man, I hope Christopher lets Andrea go trick or treating this year.

I guess I need to put up some bull from Gossip Girl.
Hahahahahahahah xoxo crawaddies

Pumpkin Patch Princess

This couple seriously puts boo in booty. I mean the way this girl fidgets through an interview you'd think she had to pee or something. What is she on? It has to be speed. It can't be the dickmatization of Horace. Jeez, Horace needs to go back to the damn island.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Daddy Crawdaddy

Lindsay's dad has done it again. The jerk is arrested. Tmz got a video of Michael Lohan pre-gaming it.  You know you gotta get warmed up before you try to be spiderman and leap off balconies.

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Leave it to Michael to steal Lindsay doing Playboy moment. Jeez, the drama.

Rent This

or not. Autumn in New York shows Gerbil Crawdaddy Richard Gere falling in love with the daughter of his other true love. It's horrible but if you like drinking white wine on sunday afternoon, watching lifetime movies that are straight bull, and the movie stars someone like Tori Spelling well this bitch is just for you! Mount up and enjoy a hamster butt ride of klennex, douche, and when Winona Ryder jumped the shark.


Colby, I love you. In honor of this informative expose I will dress in white and hand out bibles on halloween. My man and I were planning on giving taco bell condiments but I think we will do this instead. Hell, maybe handing out both is the answer. I can't deprive little witches, spidermen, charlie sheens, casey anthonys, and angel babies that new fire roasted sauce! Mmm mmm that is some good stuff right there. I love saying right therrrrrrrre. It's just fun.

Speaking of expose, I'm thinking of Expose'.

Shmanyways, I think I need to go to taco bell now.