Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh Camille

Wow, Camille is helping with the pre-show for the freaking Oscars. She got a job with CNN for the night.
All I have to say is this shiz is just terrible. I mean what the hell. I'm over this shit. First Kelly Osbourne on fucking E talking to people about fashion. The bitch just lost weight. That's it and now she is a fucking authority on fashion and now Camille with CNN.

Fucking, CNN? It's all so crazy. Oh, and Kelsey will be marrying his new trout this weekend. Smart! Camille won't f shit up.

Miss Rihanna is attracting them like flies?

This lady is on the move. Supposedly, after this meeting Colin and Ri are sexting. Wow, maybe Ri will be our new snatch'em up crawdaddy catcher. She is actually one of the catchers that I can get behind. However, Colin freakin Farrell...lame. Pick a new guy girl. Thanks to Gawker for keeping us celebho's in the know.