Tuesday, October 6, 2009

he's just like every man

Every dude in the world has screwed a girl at work! It's great that this is how David decided to let everyone know about his trists. Seems that an ex employee tried to extort money from Ole Letterman and tell the world about his affairs. HA! That dude got screwed. Looks like that script will not be a Focus Picture. It's in the trash and done. Mr. Letterman had the balls to let all the over 40's who watch his show know that he likes to get his dick wet. He decided that he will beat everyone to the punch and make fun of his own ass.  The only person who hasn't joined in the fun is Letterman's wife Regina and  Conan (the comic with a heart). Conan isn't joining in because he is getting his ding dong tickled too.

Ah nah, we know he isn't. We can wish. Because we wish that we were the hookers doing it. Shmanyways, David was screwing several ladies but the one who got him in trouble is Stephanie Birkitt. Stephanie 34 at the time and David 62 were enjoying fucking, hikes, dinner, and finger banging of course. they were both in relationships...double duty. Well hell, David could have quadripple duty. Ole nasty ass. We can only imagine the way he liked to do it and with how many women. Would you bump a comedian? We here at crawdaddies love men who can make us laugh but an all out Comedian...hmm...sex maybe well BAD.
Well, Stephanie was down and even tricked her then boyfriend  (Joe Halderman)to believe that her relationship with David was platonic, strictly non fuckable. She even told Joe that she was ready to have babies. SIKE!! She dumped his ass and then confirmed that she did fuck David. Now, thats some Lifetime TV shit. Joe couldn't take it. The CBS Ex Producer decided to write a script and try to, like Notorious Big , 'get money'.  This brings us to the happenings of today. What will happen next in this story? More pussy more drama. Probably David's wife Regina Lasko turning to Melissa Etheridge for some love. Come on now guys, look at her. We're not trying to be assholes. We just think she might be into some scissory.