Monday, August 24, 2009

Billy Joel is done with your hole

Billy Joel and third wife Katie Lee are finalizing their divorce. In June of 2009, to the shock of somebody Billy Joel announced that he and 33 year younger Katie were separating. WELL, DOUG!!!!! Like anyone thought that would last? Like anyone thought anything about it? Like we even know who the fuck Katie Lee is? Play us another song piano man.

Supposedly, Ms. Lee has been getting super fresh to an Israeli Fashion Designer. WHOOOOOAAA shit. That's a damn Lifetime Movie. I hope the bitch gets captured and then this will be some fucking Dateline shit. Nah, I understand I would get tired of fucking Billy Joel. We all would. If there is a man, who could design me a dress and serve me up some champagne and then fuck me on a runway...i'm there. Billy Joel stood no chance in Israel. JeHehehehe.

I mean really dude, this is your third wife. Three strikes and you're out, bitches! This girl was so bored of your peen. So, bored. She was snoring by the time you stuck it in. She could've had a V8. He should have known that the marriage was doomed before it started. She was just 4 years older than his daughter. HA!

Poor Joel he should hook back up with Christie Brinkley. They both have failed marriages and they actually stuck it out with each other for a long time. Get married again guys. They should become the faux Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. SIKE!

Billy Joel go stick it where the sun doesn't shine. I'm sure you can find a new fresh hole.

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  1. who the fekk is billy jawls? hahhahahahha, seriously, i didn't know he was married again or a fekking skeezer. i did see his daughter is trying to be a supersongster. on another "note", i also read at some point recently, that the offspring of lisa bonet (
    who sucks) and lenny shmavitz (who also totally sucks) is trying to be a supersongster too. so i imagine that's gonna mega suck in a totally angel heart way. (freakishly sucky)


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