Monday, June 20, 2011

Alert Alert Alert

FakeBlake Lively is our new Crawdaddy Alert! This bitch is out and ready to catch her own crawdaddy. Hooker! I can’t stand that whore. The hate is graduated because I like her style. The dresses this daddy bait wears are fuckin killa.

Well, that mermaid look she tried to rock with the red Ariel hair was just damn bad but everyone has a down day. Oops, Sorry I got lost in the fashionista world and we’re not talking about that we’re talking about Blake the dick snatcher.

She looooooooves Scorpios. Water signs= easy catch crawdaddies. I mean you might as well walk around with hot sauce and tartar b/c it’s that easy. Show some young pingpang and whooooooaaaaaaaaa Nelly Fart Furtado you got a crawdaddy.

Penn Badgley, Ryan Gosling, and her new rank stank over-rated model butt fucker king of the world douche piece Leonardo DiCaprio are all Scorpios. Bitch likes to get wet.

Be on the lookout for this girl. She’s coming for you old geezers!

P.S. Soon we will get to Leonardo’s trifling ass ways but that’s another post.
Stay tuned.

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