Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hulk Hoe-gan sees double

Well, where do we start? There is so much to say but jeez you guys know the story. A former Star Wrestler so infatuated with his daughter, divorces wife and begins dating a girl who looks just like her. I mean this is some fucked up Double Mint Twins shit! Look at that. Those bitches almost have the same smile.

We wonder what Linda Hogan (The Hulksters ex wife) thinks. Bet she has no time to think. Once she got dumped, she went out and got some fresh dick. Linda decided to jump in the jungle with all the other cougars and makeout with a tighter ball sac.

But back to the crawdaddy. He is in the land of mediocrity and molesting his daughter without molesting his daughter. Who knew that The Hulkster was so smart.

Poor Poor Brooke Hogan her dad is a crawdaddy and her mom is a cougar. What does that make Brooke?

Shmanyways, here are some more pics to wet your whistle. Look at Hulk rockin his babby.

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