Friday, July 1, 2011

Shia Ladouche

To cool for a duel
I mean ugh. this dude is the hippest and the most full of himself guy in the world. Kelly Ripa  is telling this fool that he is the next Harrison Ford. I guess that means Karolyn's ass will not be sticking around because later in life he will find his Calista.

Yup, it's gonna happen. All these heart-shaped pizza pies this girl is making will always be remembered with love. Hmm, I wonder if when that pizza comes out of Shia LaDouche's butt if it's still in a shape of a heart?

Should I be shot that I want to see the video with Marilyn Manson and the one with Kid Cudi???

Kelly Ripa I miss the old Kelly!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Romance Hater...Holding it Tightly

Oh my good Gawd, on a Holy Morning Sundaaaaay. This is a day that truly the lord has made.

First off the holy trinity of shows True Blood begins it’s season premier tonight. Woot mofo’s woot. I can’t wait! My thrill in watching it will be like the thrill I get when i pull out hot panties from the dryer and slip them on after a shower…joyous.

Secondly, I trolled around the World Wide Web and found my dearest dearest silver fox Anderson (he ain’t the cooper I want but can’t have because he is the finest agent in the world who loves a good cup of joe. it's the cooper I can’t have because he ain’t caring about my ass and he already got a man) Cooper was talking about Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson...joyous. Can you follow my bull down the street? For your sake I hope you can’t.

Schmanyways, the foxiness called out all us Romance Haters on dissing on this newly married couple. It was truly dazzling. He added the couple to his RiDICKulist in  a manner that we just swoon over.

Check check check check it out!

 Also, check out I got a man

ps. it was so hard to choose between romance hater or holding it tightly as the title of this crock. which one would you have gone with?  

It's up to you New York

Congrats New York!!!!!! Crawdaddies gives it up to you.
New York passed a bill 33-29 legalizing gay marriage. Big UPS!