Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gettin Puffy for Cassie

Sean P. Diddy Combs aka Puff Daddy, Puffy, Snuffa luffagus, P. Diddy, P. Dickle, Diddy, Assmunch, Lamo, Ashton Kutcher's butt plug, etc divorced his long time girlfriend and short time wife Kim Porter. Kim Porter beautiful model and good mom held it down for this twat only to be fucked over and for what? We will tell you for what. For a no talentless hack Cassie. You may not remember her two singles Me and U...shit we forgot the other but anyway yeah Cassie lame.

Sean is 39 and Cassie is 22. Cassie must have P. Dickle pussymatized because her record sold for shit and P. Dickle didn't drop her. Also, this girl had tons of horrible live performances. Everyone in the music game was throwing mad tomatoes at her ass but Snuffa luffagus still chooses to put out another record of hers this year. WOW. He always drops people from his label. He drops em faster than we drop our asses to the floor when we hear 'drop it like its hot'! He loves his new position as crawdaddy.

Anyway, we're bored of talking about this faux Beyonce/Jay Z couple.

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  1. Yes, that is Brit Brit in the background during her drunk and crazy times.


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