Friday, September 23, 2011

Brandy and Young Fannies TV Crawdaddy

Roger Sterling
Roger Sterling he’s a man’s man, a man about town. Just like Notorious BIG he ‘freaks all the honies’.  Sterling is a Silverfox OG.  He loooooves the young fanny. Sterling HADDDD to drop his wife MonA. The need to have Mid-life crisis sex and the adoration of a young girls totally beats out 'been there done that' Mona.

Aww Mona, she stuck with him through his heart attack and what did she get? D D D DDDDissed! So, many D's today. I'm not even covering for a curse word, not that I would. Oh well, I’m sure Mona is somewhere getting her hair done She's ready to be home to eat a cucumber sandwich and feel the cucumber of her new pool boy toy.

Back to Mr. Silverfox. It's time for the PLAYA HATIN GAME. Why? Because, he screwed over Joan. How can you screw over Joan Harris? Joan is the hottest thing in TV. You don’t enjoy the love of a genuine statuesque lady like Joan and get with a bore like Jane. Seriously, her name is Jane. Bah hum bug on that bowl of grade F womanizing. It’s all about the upgrade. Do you downgrade?

Joan & Sterling
Plain Jane & Her Grandad ;)

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