Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crawdaddy Alert: Demi Lovato

The Crawdaddy Alert pick for this week is Demi Lovato. Demi has been through some crazy shit last year. We hope this girl can solve her issues before she gets Lohaned and  fucking ruins getting Kombucha for everyone. Sidenote**Kombucha is back at your local health store** 

I can't make that shit on my own. It would be fermented to kill.

Shmanyways, Demi fixin it before she gets Lohaned. Allegedly, she can take coke like a champ. Allegedly, she has a sex tape. Allegedly, she is in treatment for cutting herself, eating disorder, and drankin'. That's a lot of alleged things going on. 

Demi Lovato and Wilma Valderrama
I bet she will come out of rehab getting paid, handling her shit, and will date a bad ass Crawdaddy. I hope it's not this piece of shit Wilmer Wilma Valderrama's ass. Supposedly, this panty sniffin, wanker, polluter, douche crawdaddy has circled around this girl like a vulture. I swear he has sniffed and tried to ruin to many young girls with his 3 inch dick. Whatever, I will get on his ass real soon. He will mos def be the next crawdaddy. 

Man, I lost myself. I think about hiss ass and I lose. I just lose like every girl he tocuhes. Oh, and I really mean LOSE!!!!!! Screw Fez.

Back to the Demi. We wish the ho good luck and a good Crawdaddy.

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  1. nothing i like better than young ho looking stars in grainy black and white photos.

    also, this girl's show is called Sonny with a Chance *insert something clever/snarky here*


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