Friday, June 22, 2012

LQQk b4 U pee

A woman at the Monticello Walmart had an unfortunate experience. She was stuck to a toilet seat in the bathroom at Wally World. Apparently, someone had put super glue on the toilet seat...what an asshole.

Seriously, women one needs to really look before you sit down. I know that super clue is clear but there had to be some sort of residue. I say toilet seat covers and tissue are the answer. Personally, I hate the people who hover. Piss gets everywhere that way and most people don't wipe the seat.

lQQk before you pee! I feel so sorry for that lady.

Abreu for your voo voo

William Abreu, 43, high-school administrator, asked students to give him oral sex for a summer job. This is beyond gross. Seriously, why would he remotely think this is a proposition that you could ask anyone under 18?!!

People are losing their minds. We really can't go further with this one. I can't make a joke it's just stupid. I hope this sucker gets propositioned in JAIL.

For more on this story check with NY Daily News.

Your new Crawdad Momma

Thanks to disinfo for this amazing story of this crazy Florida teacher who helped her students get rid of demons. YES, demons! Danielle Harkins, 35, took students to the pier and convinced 7 students to cut themselves to release demons. After the ritual, she had the students burn themselves to to prevent the demons from returning.

Seriously this woman has entered Crazy Town or maybe she is just pre-menopausal! We are the same age and I figure I might be pre-menopausal. I haven't reached the demon phase yet. I'm still stuck in the leprechaun phase.