Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wilmer 'i likes young fanny' Valderamma is at it again

Seriously, Demi? Now you're gonna hit the skins with this old ass piece again. I just don't understand. I call bullshit. You need to take her young butt on down the street and mess with someone your own age.

Do I need to name all the young starlets Wilmer has screwed and screwed over?
Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mandy Moore, Stephani Moore, Ashlee Simpson, and the one and only Lindsay Lohan. Demi and Lindsay are like sisters. Both of these ladies are in the industry, Disney Queens, been in and out of rehab, and now Wilmer. Ugh!
It must be the golden dick story. A tale as old as time.  Wilmer is a predator. Lookout, this molester crawdaddy bites.

Demi, get a freaking clue!  Leave the oldhead! You are 19!! Wait or something don't let this fool fool you.

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  1. this is my #1 crawdaddy that has made my skin crawl. it's like he thinks just he's from south america and has that fake ass accent that he's frozen in time or some shit. NO GRACIAS, SENOR!


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