Monday, April 16, 2012

Suspended Crawdaddy

The Supreme Court of South Carolina suspended Thad Viers from practicing law. What is homeboy going to do now? Probably spend about $60 at the local Hooters. The man likes to keep it classy. You know living in Myrtle Beach, getting arrested for harassing women, and interning with Strom Thurmond back in the day.

Here's looking at you, Thad.

ValderAssma is at it again

Could it be that Fez has another hard pickle in his pocket for a new lady? Seems like Minka is the latest to fall for the bull that is Wilmer. I really can't believe it like T-Pain that Wilmer is now with another one. How many girls can this guy get?

I hope these women have heard of dry humping. It seems the only way to travel with this guy. Who knows what lie is being tucked into his hanes for 'her' way.

Dating Advice from a Dog Lady

This lady knows her stuff. I suggest trying this out at a senior citizens home near you. I'm sure there is a sexy bingo mixer happening.

Let us know how the flirting tips work!


Unlike Whitney, I believe that seniors are our future. The psa just has me all torn up like Balki in the Langoliers. Shmanyways, check out the video and open your eyes. You might need to get that 2 for 1 Trojan pack. One pack is for you and the other for yo gramps.