Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spitzer put IT in the Kisser

Damn, this gemini is going to ruin it for all us good geminis. Seriously, there are good Gems. Eliot Spitzer born June 10, 1959. FUCK! He was born one day earlier than me. Bastard! Anyway, this man wasn't getting his dicked licked right by his wife. Poor lady. Silda Wall (his wife) probably didn't think she needed to blow him anymore. She thought she was done. Nope! Bitch you gotta suck the dick. Always have a hold of it. Never let it go. As soon as you stop sucking it...some other hooker with less class than you will take hold of it and get to it. They will grad it and wash it in their mouth like its laundry, then ring it out to dry. MMM MMM smells Downy Fresh. 
Hahahaha. No, I feel sorry for the next candidate for the Good Wife. Heehehehe. Forgive the tangent. Shmanyways, he was in need so he through out some green and got his peen licked. PERIOD!!!!!

Eliot Spitzer the Governor of New York, until bitch had to resign because he got caught with his dirty laundry, fell prey to the pussy. Will you dudes ever learn? I mean how many times does this have to happen? I bet he is still doing something dirty. Spitzer got caught spending two hours with Ashley Rae Maika DiPietroz (wannabee singer all around prostitute whore). This girl must have good game. It's $1,000.00 an hour to hang with this open to all beef curtain. Spitzer belonged to some prostitution service named Emperor Club VIP. He did it with over 8 different women. That's alot of MONEY! His bank reported his dealings because they noticed large quantities of money being transferred. STUPID. VERY STUPID.

Poor Ashley, (known to the recording industry as Ashley Dupre') what is she going to do for money? This 24 year old whore is going to do some dating  reality show.  Of course! That's it ladies. Now, we know how to make our money. 
1. Get a bogus last name.
2. Join an escort service. BE A WHORE.
3. Scandal ie. rapper, politician, sports figure
4. Get caught

So, scratch that not poor ashley not poor anyone. All of the players in this story are cliche and boring. We are truly sorry we even PAID (hehehe) it this much attention.

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Maybe we made it happen, captain

Aww damn, Roman. They are trying to get yo ass. Extradite on dat ass. What is this mofo going to do? Man he needs some quaaludes to deal. Oh well, we wonder if the award this brother was about to receive was worth this. Someone is going to have their ding dong schling schlong sucked on up if they enter those prison walls...Soooo different from the walls of a vag.