Friday, July 3, 2009

Get a Woody

Welcome to the first installment to the decaying of your Vag! We figure most of you are ladies who are interested in the oldest dating phenomena (old dudes stickin it to nubile young women). Well, get ready kittens we are going to delve in deep and when we say deep we mean deep. We are going down to the watering hole and meeting up with some CRAWDADDIES.

We start this off with good ole Woody Allen. What a crawdaddy. Seriously he left a hot piece such as Mia Farrow for his DAUGHTER. It's like he couldn't resist those father/daughter moments. What a pig.?! This man has got alot going on including a sagging sack. He has a need for a hot asian and a young piece. Well here's to you Woody. We hope you can still get it up.

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