Friday, August 21, 2009

Kelly likes his #$&^ in ya belly

Okay, I love Rrrrrrrrr. I do. I really love him. I mean the man has the jams. Now some people have just jumped on the R.Kelly train and that's cool but I've always been a fan. Ha hahaha hahaha Ha jumped on his train.
I remember making out to Honey Love with this subpar boy while his dad was in the other room watching Alex Trebeck. The most important part was Mr. Kells. I also had this friend Chris who lived in Peoria and Chicago forever. Anyway, his best friend use to work at R. Kelly's studio. Mr. Kelly up in ya Belly would have all kinds of young ass dolls coming in and sucking him off. He needed it. Oh he needed it. I guess it was no big deal but then that all changed.
R. Kelly got all above it all and decided to marry Aaliyah. RIP. We love Aaliyah. If we were R.Kelly we would've fallen prey to that young tiziiight pussy. I wonder if he asked Aaaliyah to pee on him. I hope so. I hope she peeeeeeed on his face. Cause his face needs some beauty. R. Kelly is straight up fug. Staright up now tell me. Tell meeeee. I think Aaliyah's pee might've put a little more cute up in his game.
Anyway, the marriage was said to not have happened but R. Kelly himself admits to the love he and Aaliyah had. I guess after that bright and shining star he had to fuck alot of young babies. Doin it for the kids. That's some stand up shit there. Fucking the babies for the babies.
Shit, it's the norm now. I mean women are up in the game. Get it and hit it cougars. I'm glad women are making it happen minus the pee... Like my friend Jen said 'if he's got a stick i will drive it'. SAAAAAVE THE BABIES.

Back to Mr. Kelly up in ya Belly, he got caught pissing on some girl in a video. Stupid Ass. Seriously, dude. Get a grip. Hold your pee or dont tape it. I mean people have to get off. I feel ya but when it comes to adding piss and shit well keep it on the DL have we not learned anything from Chuck Berry.

Cheers or Jeers to ChiTowns Finest Crawdaddy. Man, I need to go listen to some bump and grind and then go bump in grind.


  1. ain't nuthin wrong.....

  2. ...with a little bump in grind. who are you anonymous?

  3. omg id never seen the mask photo before! pahhhhhaa


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