Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Shmirthday

What up mofo's? I'm fresh from the haze of tabs and ibuprofen. I'm ready to have my body back and be a respectful member of society. Y'know? 

Anyway, your counterpart today is TAB. Tiffani Amber Theisen if you're nasty... and we know you aquarians are nasty. You know TAB best as Kelly Kapowsk or  hooker tits from 90201. I swear she always had on a corset in that show or a black bra.

Oh well you know what I always say, Get F'ed up!

Special shot out to dlisted . You be my main dammie like ol Pootie Tang. Mad propers on the wee di tay. Seeya in the kappa town.

 Sa da tay!!!!
I like that pic of dlisted. It's got the Hulkster in it. Wow, the Hulkster. Check out our story of Crawdaddy Hulk.

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