Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crack kills and Coke gets you dancin with strippers with no teeF

and you the one without teeth. Seriously, did you mofo's know that Sheen Peen has no teef? Allegedly, this mutha took out his dentures and was dancin around his house like he was Tom Cruise in Risky Bizness! Ha

I wonder who he calls his Rebecca De  Mornay? It was funkin Kacey Jordan 1 star porn star.
Seriously Kacey with a K. 

Well, Im not gonna rehash the details about Charlie's weekend of cum and coke. I'm sure many others have talked all the details about this shit. What I want to talk about is how muthafucka is gettin to go back to work in two weeks. Really? Dude get's his job back?Crawdaddy extraordinaire.  

I so wish Charlie was hispanic right now or black. This shit ain't fair. I'm calling Obama like that crazy momma did and make him do something or threatin him with a lawsuit. FUCK THE GOBAMENT. hehehehahaha.

Sorry, about blah blah blah of my booh boo story telling. 

Oh, is anyone wanting a Lindsay Blowhan and Sheen Peen hookup...consoling each other over a diet coke and coke. I bet it's gonna happen.

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