Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blessed with a beautiful gift

This is just so great! Courtney is talking about her blessings. She gives true people with faith and love of God a bad name. She's an old soul and mature for her age, ha! She's an old soul with new breasts and on coke. This is just something.

Who am I to disregard true love. Hey Doug says if 'I (We)need to feel this way' do it. it's only mine (Ours) to hold. It isn't for him and sweet little Cortney to hold on to. Well then Doug you just hold on to those fake breasts and Cortney just hold on to the sag peen and everything is alriiiiiiiiiight.

Just crazy. i mean that face that she makes.

One good thing is that Lara is finaooy doing some hard hitting news. Hehehehe.


  1. OH MY WORD, that GIGGLE! wow. this is horrible. mainly, she is horrible.

  2. and also this:


Now how do youuuuuuuuuuuu feel about it?