Monday, October 10, 2011

Fake Blake & Leonardo DiSnoozeio DONE

Yes it's horrible that I learned about this low rent gossip from Lara Spencer. It would be miles better if I learned about it from my girl skillets Kathie Lee and Hoda! Hahaha

Anyway, ya boy and ya girl announced a statement that the 5 month Disneyworld Beach Life love affair is OVA. Blah Blah! I'm sure he was just done. I mean how long did anyone expect him to be loving long time with his dude's ex side piece? I wonder how that dinner went when Leo and Blake showed up at Jen G. and Ben Affleck's house?  Wonder if Jen allowed Ben to gamble and booze it up with Leo? Dudes doing dude things. They trade girls, booze it up, and play poker after dark. I wonder what else they do after dark? Poke her after dark? I jokes.

For all you Gossip Girl douchers who were worried about Blake, don't. She's fine. Allegedly, she is on and poppin with Ryan Reynolds. Boooooo!
Ryan needs to stop frontin and just make it with Sandra Bullock. Team Bullock.

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1. FAP? NO Lara!!
2. Adele? UGH!!!! NO!!!!!
3. Lara Spencer? No, but she amuses me so Yes.

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  1. ugh. adele. so gross. I just need everyone to stop playing that horrible whine of a song, "someone like you." like i would literally rather hear "intuition" by jewel.

    way to drop that nasty ass, leo. stay single. stay lithe, my little lion friend.
    AND YES, I do love me some leo, even though his taste in women is stale stale stale. and came that way right out of the growing pains package.


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