Friday, November 4, 2011

Billy 'CRUD' gets with Meryl Streep's fruit of her loins

Billy Crudup is now dating Grace Gummer! Grace is 25. Billy is 43. Billy must have a complex. Maybe he gains confidence from having some young girl hang on his tiny peen.

I really can't like him! He dumped my boyfriend's celebrity crush Mary Louise Parker while she was 8 months pregnant to get with manface Claire Danes.  I admit I have a crush on MLP too. She's the tops. You don't come up from Mary Louise Parker unless it's like Parker Posey.

Guess he was a proud crawdaddy to be when he got with Claire. Does anyone remember he and Claire flaunting their stupid affair on the streets of New York?  It was like watching Frank's transformation in Hellraiser. Claire 'fire crotch Angela Chase-ing Jordan Catalano' Danes bites the big one. I can't take her and her Latisse eyelashes. The serial engaged actress is famous for dumping people and immediately finding some guy to eat her sloppy thirds. I think she's actually married now.  I'm done with talking about this harlet. It's all about Billy, right?

Claire Boo Danes & Billy Crudup
Billy and & Mary Lousie Parker

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