Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beers for Cheers

Frasier is ready to party. Everybody get your bongs and beer. Big pockets Kelsey Grammar is shipping out his wife of 13 years for a fresher blonde. Will this leave big pockets empty? Kelsey and Camille were without a prenup. Pay day for Camille. This bitch will get an estimated $50 million after divorce. Woot Woot bitches! 

Don't worry about Kelsey he will be fine. He's still got muchos money and a fresh vag.You wanna here about this new dime piece? 

Well, her name is Katye. Ugh, the spelling is lame. Your mom is so unique. Boo. 
She's a flight attendant for Virgin Atlantic. Virgin anyone? She is 29 and Kelsey is 55. Oh and she's blonde. 

What do they have in common? Crawdaddies' speculates; booty and chillin'. Hopefully, she will make big pockets happy. I'm sure Camille will be happy drinking her white wine spritzer and rolling naked in cash with her hot Spanish pool boy.


  1. I am SOOOO GLAD that Crawdaddies is back!!!

    But seriously, we gotta talk about Camille Grammer on RHOBH. Maybe a live blog? Some GIFs? Some speculation on the staleness of her Club MTV dance moves?

  2. OMG,Club MTV dance moves. I was just talking about Downtown Julie Brown the other day. It was highlight of my 19th year of being on earth and I sold DJB a yellow sony walkman!!!

    The only RH i watch is Atlanta but I will step up my game.

    Yes, we need a live blog!!!


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