Friday, July 10, 2009


During my down time, I read an article about how old men chasing young GOOD! Oh, yeah sis ta. Supposedly, by doing this men are now contributing to the longevity of the survival of species. Aargh! More likely they are contributing to the longevity of their wrinkled up peen.

Researchers from Stanford and the University of California in Santa Barbara say that fatherhood from an old man will delay death. Big ups Charlie Chaplin! Somehow, evolutionary theory says that people die when their reproductive lives are complete. Hmmmmmmmmm, I CALL BULLSHIT.

What do you think? Oh well, if you are a dude don't have a baby until about 40 something. Add some years to your life. Ha, really you're just adding miles for your sad droopy dick.

Thanks to Science Blog for information.

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