Friday, August 28, 2009

Do You Remember the Times

Oh, we miss the days of ole Jackie Boy and Lara Flynn Boyle. It was ripe with sex, a side eye, a turned up nose, the need to give Lara a cheeseburger and sew her asshole together. We were big fans of this combination. Actually we hoped this would last for a little while longer.
We've always liked Donna Hayward. As far as Jack is concerned. He's a fierce actor and gets major Cho Cho. I mean really lets go through some of this man's box travels:
Candice Bergen
Karen Mayo
Jessica Lange
Michelle Phillips
Bebe Buell
Margaret Trudeau
Faye Dunway (who he actually screwed on set)
Suze Randall
Anjelica Huston (the longest relationship but got fucked bc he fucked and got someone preggers)
and my friend Amanda...well in her dreams. One of my girlfriends a long time ago had a sex fantasy of Jack when he looked like One Flew Over the Poon's Nest.

Shmanyways, life imitates art mofo's and he's even a Crawdaddy in the movies. In Something's Gotta Give, Jack dates a younger woman BUT falls for her mom. He's a true player in and out of celluloid. Well, we hope that Jack can bring about another new young twat to a Lakers Game. Until then we will think fondly of the times we thought Lara and Jack would always and forever do it from the back.

G's up Hoe's Down.

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