Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dj Crawdaddy

Well hell, woke up from a night of Djing for MJ's birthday last night to find out that DJ AM died. This is crazy, seriously. This is some Final Destination type shit, like you can't escape death. This is not to make light of his death. It's just really bananas.

DJ AM's friends were worried about him after not hearing from him for a couple of days. They went to check on him and were not able to get him to answer the door. Authorities were called. The police arrived and knocked down the door. DJ AM was found dead in his apartment at age 36, in sweat pants and no shirt. Supposedly, there was a crack pipe and other drug paraphernalia found on the scene.

Honestly, I do feel sorry for his friends and family. It must be hard to wrap your head around the fact that he survived something almost fated, to pass on a year later.

I hope this DJ Crawdaddy is playing tunes in the sky.

P.S. I hope Blowhan wont go on some dick sucking coke filled rager due to her missing her friend or maybe I do.

Here are some picks of this Crawdaddy with some of his honies.

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