Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jason Statham needs more Snatch

Jason Statham. You may know him from such films as Lock Stock and Two smoking Barrels, Crank, Snatch, The Italian Job, and the Transporter films. With the Transporter films Jason has upgraded in his Snatch department. Jason likes em all. Well, likes em all with BIG BOOBS. The bigger the better. He just wants to stick his ping pong between those floatation devices and forget how many crunches he's done for the day.

I mean that man probably does 700 crunches a day. He probably uses women during sex as weights. Lifting them up and down. He throws them up in the sky and catches them with his peen, nasty ass. Well, most of Jason's women are no name actress that we could give two shits about. Actually, we don't care about Jason either. He dated that girl Sophie Monk. Argh. That bitch dated the likes of 'Nanny Fucker' Jude Law, Benji dog face Madden, and believe it or not Ryan Gaycrest. Heeehehehehehe. I bet Jason wants that off his roster. Currently, Jason is dating 25 year old Alex Zosman. Rumour on the street is that Alex use to be an escort. Awww shit, some Pretty Woman shit right there. Google it. You'll get the 411. Anyway, she must not be giving Jason what he needs because he has been around the block with other girls while dating her. One of those blocks he ventured is supposedly Kate 'Herpes' Hudson. Also, Jason was seen cuddling up to Kristin Crapalari. God, we shouldn't even talk about that no name bitch. She is no name.

Anyway, we hope Jason can still keep getting his young Snatch. He can Transport those pussies!

P.S. Just for shits and giggles here is an interview with him and those stale Cool Ranch Dorito Hoes on the Today Show.

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