Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Clooney has found new Poo-nanneeeeee

Salt water crustacean George Clooney has got a new piece. I swear he picks up and dumps bitches so fast. Go Speed Racer, Go! I hope his ass isn't that fast in bed. Gawd, can you imagine bumping uglies with 'Cloone What a Goone'. I bet when he is on top of a hoe, he grunts and BIG BEADS of white creamy sweat drop between gals itty bitties. Nasty.

Shmanyways, Clooney is dating Italian faux actress and model Elisabetta Canalis. Hoe is 30 and just like Cloone likes em. She is tall, brunette, and open for bizNezz! Just thinking about this shit gets me ready to go Voltron. Cloone thinks he is so ffffffffffucking awesome. Picking up hookers on terraces at hotels in Rome. WHATEVA Heather. Lick it up baby. LICK IT UP!!!!!!!

He is not Benicio Del Toro. Only Benicio can pull that shit. Wow, I just got all hot and bothered thinking about Benicio. So, screw this I need to go rent Excess Baggage and have some private time...you know $.25 Cent peeps.

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  1. what would you doooooo for a cloon-dyke bar??? nuthin.


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