Friday, August 7, 2009

Queremos Que El Pene

Like omg, we luv Benicio Del Toro. Just his name causes sensations between our legs. What can we say all girls fall prey to this Crawdaddy. Why wouldn't they? Why wouldn't we? Ahhhhhh, Gawd he makes bitches suck him off in an elevator because they can't lose the chance. That's probably the smartest thing Scarlett Johansson has ever done.

Shmanyways, in the words of Shirley from Garbage we feel this way for Del FUCK ME Toro: queremos morir por usted siente dolor para que usted nos toque un cuchillo y sangra el corazón y nuestro dolor lacrimógenos aparte. InFUCKINGdeed!

Here is this mofo's list of lucky young bitches:
Charlize Theron 33
Sophie Dahl 31
Heather Graham 39
Scarlett Johansson 24 (sucked him off after the Academy Awards in an elevator)
Lindsay Lohan 23 (probably did blow and then sucked him off)
Alicia Silverstone 32
Ines Misan 42
Monet Mazur 33
*just a lucky few*

We are done talking about these lucky hoes. If only we could spend time with this true Hispanic Aquarius Love GOD. Benicio 42 and lovin it.

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