Thursday, October 18, 2012

American Horror Story is just EPIC

I swear this show just gives me chills! The acting, writing, and cinematography is just outstanding. After watching the first episode of Season 2, I'm just in freaking awe. All I can say is fuuuuuuuuck!

Best show on!

So, let's dig deeper.

Who the fuck is the couple ready to screw in an asylum? Sorry, there is no need to strap one in or strap one on when you are ghost hunting. Scooby and the gang never did that shit. I can see rollin a doob and eating some scooby snacks but sex strapped on a bed where a guy named bloodyface haunts...

Glad to see Constance (Jessica Lange) and Tate (Evan Peters) back in new roles. Go, Team AHS. They lucked out for sure. Poor Connie Britton, stuck on Dallas  Nashville while Jessica and Tate scored.

Newwcomers of the show this season are definitely slow- to- elated- fast -clap for me. We get James Cromwell! This man looks mighty young sporting the Bruce Willis. We also get sweet cute Sarah Paulson. I just love her! Also, the woman who looks like Julia Duffy, Lily Rabe is filling in where Dylan McDermott's butt left off.

I was worried we weren't going to see much booty. Hehehe

Things I learned:
1. Don't try and get a blow job in a an asylum.
2. Relationships are freaking hard work.
3. Don't trust your girlfriend. She might just sign some papers and get your ass   committed.
 4. Aliens are real.
5. Jessica Lange has fantasies too.
6. Red slips are a must, fashion moment.
7. Evan Peters is the first blonde I've ever been into besides Marylin M.
8. When I watch this show I need to have wine,a cig, and to have used the restroom before watching.
9. To take a breath.
10. That really is my favorite theme song of a show. I would make out to that music.
11. HMMMMMmmm could I be one of those people who might make out in an asylum?

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