Monday, October 15, 2012

Third Parties are the true After Party

Meet me in the hotel lobby at the HOJO to discuss other choices for President of these here United States of Tara Terror! Although, NPR, abc, nbs, cbs, cnn, msnbc, and other outlets only discuss Obama and Romney, I decided to link to other individuals that are running for President.
You just don't have UT or Florida you've got your Alabama, Michigan, etc.
You know me a true sporty!

Anyway, here are your other presidential elects nominees:
Jill Stein and VP Cheri Honkala (Green Party)
Virgil Goode and VP Jim Clymer  (Constitution Party)
Ross 'Rocky' Anderson and VP Luis Rodriguez (Independent but aligned with Justice Party)
Gary Johnson and VP James P. Gray (Independent but aligned with Libertarian Party)
Merlin Miller and VP Virginia D. Abernathy
Roseanne Barr and VP Cindy Sheehan (Independent but aligned with Peace and Freedom Party)

Pay attention to your states ballot there may be more or less names listed. Your official election mail should be arriving soon that will give you more details.

For more info please check out:

Here is the first of Expanding the Debate brought to us all by Democracy Now!
Here is Expanding the VP Debate brought to us all by Democracy Now!

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