Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Charlie Sheen Sidenote

Capri Anderson
All I'm saying is she calls herself Capri. The bitch is a hooker. So, TMZ ran into Capri in L.A. yesterday. Hooka was talking about how rehab might be the best things for Charlie Sheen. 

Mmm mmm, since when is this hooka trying to put the what's what on Charlie. Please don't act so above it all. You were hangin with that tosser. You were both chocolates on the pillow in that hotel room. 

Whatever I can't stand hookas like this because she is an actual hooka. She acts like she wasn't getting paid $3,500.00 to fucking fuck this Sheen Peen. She said she never expected the night to unfold in that way. She told the interviewer that she was only hired to go to dinner. 

Okay, huh? She has me doing the Britney Spears *huh double take*. I can't believe this shit. How dare she? I mean it's not like every person on God's Hellah Polluted Earth hasn't flipped through the escort section of the Yellow Pages knows what's going down. 

Charlie Sheen and Capri Anderson

She was at the hotel with this douche. I tell you how she expected the night to unfold... with major high grade coke, drinking champagne, taking obnoxious amounts of pills, giving him a BJ, and pass out on 1500 egyptian cotton sheets. 

Jeez what should anyone expect? She's a porn star. She's not a hooker with a heart of gold. She's just a hooker who doesn't admit it. 

Argh, i'm so hateful today. I should go pray about it. I hope you guys don't think I'm too serious... well who cares screw you!!!!!!!!! Hehehe.

Oh, the Britney Spears *huh double take* it will make you laugh!
I really do love brit. She's awesome.

Also, in case you missed the tales of Sheen's dinG A Ling past- check this out.

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  1. what is that first picture? Why would you need a maid when you obviously live inside a terrarium? i want to see her dressed as a tiny porcelain turtle. That would be more appropo. Jus' sayin'.


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