Wednesday, January 12, 2011

James has WOOD

Mr. Woods and Ashley Madison
James Woods. He's in the same league as Christopher Walken but not as cool. Actually, he's not in the same league. Walken would never vote for George W. Bush and be proud of it. Yup, James Woods was proud of that decision. Hmm. Shame Shame. We will give some daps to James he's a damn good actor and a smart cookie.
Mr. Woods and Danielle Panabaker

James ended his full ride for Political Science at MIT for **what what what** acting. Kudos! Looks like it worked out out for the Crawdaddy. acting made James the Crawdaddy he is today. Thank goodness or we would've missed all the silverfoxiness that Mr. Wood is putting out.

James Woods is a Repeat Crawdaddy Offender. Usually, when you are a repeat offender it spells T.R.O.U.B.L.E. titty reaching orgasmic unbounded booty licking experience. It's true.

James is twice divorced. He's dated Dana Delaney, Missy Crider, Lauren Holly, nicolette Sheridan. what makes him Known for his Crawdaddy lifestyle?  He dated Hootchie Heather Graham, Alexis Thorpe, Danielle Panabaker and Ashley Madison . It was hard for James to put Ms. Madison away.  Allegedly, Ashley acted a monkey at Mr. Woods' brothers funeral.
She showed up wearing a mini and high heels. She was chain smoking and acting probably as trashy as Mr. Woods wants her to act in bed.

He can't have that shit in public. He got all depressed and stressed out. He ended up in the hospital. Once the healing was done, he got out and it was all adios puta.

He called her the 'anti christ' and said 'she truly has the soul of a moth and the brain of a trout'. Wow, Ashley what does that say about you? You still let that Wood get your goodies?

Let me tell you what my grandma would call you...a slut puppy and she would be right. Where are your parents? Where are your girlfriends telling you to pull up your panties, put on your new mini, and head to the bar and meet a legitimate bloke?

Oh well, slutty blondes are a breed i don't understand. The guys who push up on em, fuck em, disregard em, and then fuck em again are assholes and we have no patience for 'that guy'.

So, F U James Woods. We're done.
Mr. Woods and Heather Graham
Mr. Woods and Alexis Thorpe

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  1. there's a smog song called "dress sexy at my funeral." But it is not called "dress sexy at my brother's funeral." mmkay, skankbag?


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