Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Into it

Yes, we're into it and can you blame us? this is truly some gangsta shit. this website is all about some prostitution type shiz. However, they take this seriously. I bet they act like E.Harmony. Pllllease. We all know the juice. Here is a description of this madness:

sugardaddie is a successful man looking for a woman he can spoil and share his greatest lifestyle with.
Sugarbabe is a beautiful female looking for a financially secure, worldly man who can offer new and exciting experiences.

I'm sure these people are looking just for that. Can't pull one over on me. I am a self appointed scooby doo detective. Let me pull out my magnifying glass and some scooby snacks and I'm ready. i'll find out the true deal of Sugardaddie.
I think this will be Crawdaddies first case.

1 comment:

  1. well at least they didn't try to glamourize their clients in the tv ad. or perhaps those actually are the most attractive looking people to use their site. wowza. just wow.


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