Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Interweb

I swear. I get so frustrated sometimes. I might as well be using fucking NetZero. My bars come and go. Okay, like right now I have 3 bars. Woot Woot. In a minute...HA I can't type fast enough. It's two bars. Now, you understand what I'm working with. Please forgive.

I long for a good network. I also wish for the days of chatting it up in an aol chatroom. maybe, I'll log into my old account and talk to some freaks.


  1. PLEASE make an OG chatroom for Crawdads!

  2. I will get on this so we can chat next week. I gets my wisdom teeth out next week so I will be ready for some foolishness...GOSSIP TOWN.

    YAY Amelia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm glad we will be able to chat it up.

    xoxoxoxxxxo ladies

  3. Well, I'm ready. The Crawdaddies OG Chat Room is awaiting action. I wish we could've set up a Golden Globes chat. Oh well, I'm late like always.


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